Series : Indoor Armored Cable
                      Model : GJFJV
                      Introduce : A majority of indoor cable is used in building wiring applications. Installed in walls, between floors, in plenum air handling ducts and under data center floors, HCA fiber cable used in building wiring applications is built to withstand the tensile stresses present during installation by the contractor or assembler, and, once installed, will provide a safe shroud for many years of trouble-free glass use.
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                      Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable





                      1. Armored Indoor Fiber Cable Description

                      Armored fiber optic cable, as the name suggests, refers to optical cable that has armors. When working in severe environments, it is important to keep your cables from outside damage to ensure they can operate safely and smoothly. And this is where the so-called armored fiber optic cables come into play, which are mainly adopted to protect the cables from being eaten by rats and dampened by moisture.


                      2. Cable Application

                      · Armored optical fiber has important applications in direct buried outside plant where a strong armored fiber optic cable is needed to resist rodent and withstand hazardous environments such as crush loads in rocky soil.

                      · It is usually adopted for general network management in the engine room to build internal connections.

                      · The length of armored fiber for such application is relatively short, so it is often referred to as the armored jumper. There is a layer of mental armored in its skin to protect the fiber core inside, strengthen its tensile resistance and prevent it from being eaten by rats.


                      3. Characteristics

                      · The indoor armored optical cable is divided into single-armored cable and double armored cable.

                      · Single-armored fiber refers to optical cable that without stainless woven wire, while the double armored cable means optical cable that is equipped with both stainless steel hose and stainless woven wire.

                      · The inner structure of a single-core indoor armored cable can be seen as follow: Tight fiber+ kevlar (for the purpose of tensile resistance) + stainless steel hose (for compression, bending and rodent resistance ) + stainless steel woven wire (for torsion resistance) + outer sheath (usually made from fire-retardant PVC, and LSZH, Teflon, silicone tube, etc according to different functions).


                      4. Cable Mechanical and Technical Parameters

                      Out Diameter(MM) 2.0
                      Storage temperature(℃) -20+60  
                      Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term  10D
                      Min Bending Radius(mm) Short term 20D
                      Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Long term  300
                      Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Short term 1000
                      Crush Load (N/100mm) Dynamic 500
                      Crush Load (N/100mm) Static 1000


                      5. Package

                      Packing material: Wooden drum packed;

                      Packing length: 2km/roll or customized.



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